Bãile Tușnad – Bastionul Apor

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The track starts at the center of the city, in the car park situated opposite of tourism information office. Goes near Olt Hotel along Voința street, passes Veverița pastry shop,   health clinic (bath and treatment center), Mikes- and Apor-mineral water springs and arrives to the forest. Here the street finishes and starts a forest path on an ascending slope.


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We cross the superior part of Csipike ski slope, then we also cross Miklós ski slope. We go along the margin of Orottas crater and towards north we can see the mountain saddle, where we turn to left (towards west).

Vârful Piatra Cherecului – Poiana Albã

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Our track starts from the car park situated near national road no. 12C, on the neighborhood of the boat landing-stage from Lacul Roșu. After passing an ascending slope we arrive to Hãșmașul Mare cottage.

Pârâul Oii – Poiana Albã

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We start our trip in the center of the resort, departing from Lacu Roșu Restaurant. The first part of our track goes along national road no. 12C. From the restaurant we go towards souvenir shops, then bypassing them, we arrive to the car park situated near the boat quay.

Suhardul Mic

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We start our trip from the tourism center of the resort, from the neighborhood of Lacul Roșu restaurant. The first 200 m of the track are along national road no. 12/C, then we pass through the Bicaz brook’s bridge and turn towards Bucur villa.