We cross the superior part of Csipike ski slope, then we also cross Miklós ski slope. We go along the margin of Orottas crater and towards north we can see the mountain saddle, where we turn to left (towards west). From the mountain saddle we go towards the mountain ridge thus we reach the Kossuth-rock, which is the highest peak of the track. In the neighborhood of this rock starts the Kossuth ski slope. From this place we descend to the caldera and we find here a sheepcote, then we follow the line of electricity pylons and we go towards south-east on a path, which crosses in some places the forest road of Piricske. Here we can meet several cottages. We follow the brook and we cross some alpine pastures spotted with some volcanic stones and in our right side passes the national road no. 13A.  At this place we are at a 4,5 km walking distance from Miercurea Ciuc and the marks are finished. We have to go ahead approximately 700 m on the asphalt road until Ciba street (dirt road), where local bus lines stop.

Certificate map 2D map 3D


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