The Borsáros – Sâncrãieni swamp botanical p.a. (2,5 ha), Sâncrãieni

The Borsáros swamp is located 7 km south-east from Miercurea Ciuc, near Sâncrãieni, on the right bank of the Olt River, at 650 meters altitude. The swamp is supplied by 108 warm mineral water springs, and lies 1 km along the Olt River, covering 50 to 200 meters in width.

This area, with its collection of rare plants offers a great window into the past. Here we can find the Meesea hexasticha, specific to the tundra regions. This is the southernmost place of existence for this plant on Earth. Due to its scientific value this area has been declared protected since 1939. There are several rare plants which live here such as the very rare plants of Transylvania, the marsh saxifrage (Saxifraga hirculus), the great sundew (Drosera anglica), the common cottongrass (Eriophorum angustifolium), the ice age relict plant, the bay willow (Salix pentandra). The most numerous population of dwarf birch can be found here on national level. Researches have shown that here lives the Liguaria sibirica.

The most valuable place of the protected area is the so-called Omlasalja, where we can find the Salix repens and orchid species of marsh helleborine (Epipactis palustris).

Protecting the natural environment is our legal duty. A nature reserve is an area of a particular status, enforced by law, where not just a couple of rare species of plants, animals, geological formations or archeological-paleontological objects can be found and need to be protected. To ensure, that these protected elements will remain or survive, we need to protect their living habitat as well. The natural values and the biodiversity of a given area offer a spiritual experience, and an aesthetic enjoyment, thus contributes to a spiritual recreation of the explorer of nature. Harghita County is one of the few places, endowed with several authentic natural treasures. These gems of nature represent an economical asset, and by this, an improper visitor’s behavior can endanger its content and existence. Protecting our environmental treasures is a collective task and duty. The managing organizations which are responsible for these reserves have been already assigned, and they can enforce or apply special rules for visitors regarding protected area. Below you can find some recommendations concerning the avoidance of natural damages:
  • do not leave the marked trails
  • do not litter or leave garbage behind
  • keep the peace and quiet by avoiding to use strong sources of music
  • do not tear any plants down, including the protected species
  • camp only in specially designed and marked areas
  • make fire only in special designated areas, and make sure that you put you put it out before leaving
  • do not throw lit cigarette butts
  • avoid using motorized vehicles in the vicinity of the protected areas, and use only the marked accessibility routes
  • enjoy the sounds and sights of nature and do not disturb others in enjoying these as well
By this informative material, which presents the natural protected areas of Harghita County, we wish to contribute to the promotion of a responsible and eco-conscious form of tourism. To a better success we count on your open mindedness and interest.

Closer to nature: through visiting and preservation!


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